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The Queens County Bird Club Inc. is a "Full Service" organization of naturalists:
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NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, MAY 18, 2021 at 7:30 pm via ZOOM
Note: Not our usual day, due to scheduling snafu
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This meeting features a presentation by Abigail Martin on "Discover the Pantanal Jaguar"
     Abigail (Abbie) Martin is an American zoologist who founded the Jaguar Identification Project, a non-profit organization. The project uses citizen science and remote camera traps to study the ecology and behavior of a large population of jaguars found in the Porto Jofre region of the Brazilian Pantanal. Over the past 6 years she has documented 179 different jaguars and has over 2,500 hours of wild jaguar observations. Her project offers opportunities for young biologist and nature lovers to come volunteer and experience the beauty and wonder of the world’s largest and most wild wetland.
     Abbie will present her project along with a beautiful presentation on jaguar biology, ecology and conservation.
For more information on this project, use this link
here .
2021-05-18 smaller pic Jaguars

Upcoming field trips - see Calendar link for details and registration info

Due to COVID-19, QCBC is holding field trips with limited registration, social distancing, and face coverings required.

  • Sunday, May 2 - Forest Park
  • Saturday, May 8 - Big Day starting at Alley Pond Park
  • Saturday, May 15 - Doodletown
  • Saturday, May 22 - Bashakill and Shawangunk
  • Please check Calendar for any last-minute changes or cancellations.

Follow-up on Jan. meeting: Horseshoe Crab conservation information can be found here
Follow-up on Feb meeting: Snowy Owl project information can be found
here .
Follow-up on April meeting: New member Chris Allieri is seeking volunteers for a new Rockaways shorebird conservation project, the NYC Plover Project
here .

Meeting recordings: allow time to download.

  • To view a recording of QCBC's Feb. 18 presentation of "Snowy Owls: the Ultimate Nomads" by Jean-Francois Therrien of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, use this link: here .
  • To view a recording of QCBC's Mar. 18 presentation of "New Discoveries on Songbird Migration" by Prof. Bridget Stutchbury, use this link: here .
  • To view a recording of QCBC's Apr. 21 presentation of "NYS Breeding Bird Atlas: Update after one year" by Brendan Fogarty, use this link: here .


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