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The Queens County Bird Club Inc. is a "Full Service" organization of naturalists:
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NEXT MEETING is via Zoom - Wednesday, May 17, 2023 at 7:30 pm.
No registration required.
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Meeting ID: 857 9561 9622. Passcode: 369915.

Presentation - "Reintroducing Endangered Whooping Cranes in North America" by Hillary Thompson

Hillary Thompson is the North America Program Crane Analyst for the International Crane Foundation. She leads the monitoring, captures, and field research of the Eastern Migratory Population of Whooping Cranes, which migrates from breeding areas in Wisconsin to wintering areas to the southeast. Hillary has been at the International Crane Foundation since 2012 and got her Master's in Wildlife Biology from Clemson University with her thesis research on habitat use of wintering Whooping Cranes. 

Whooping Cranes are the rarest species of cranes in the world and are one of our greatest conservation success stories. From a low of only about 15 Whooping Cranes in the world in the 1940s, there are now over 600 Whooping Cranes in the wild, thanks to protections for cranes and wetlands as well as extensive reintroduction efforts. There have been four reintroductions of Whooping Cranes in the wild, two of which are ongoing. Come hear more about what it takes to raise Whooping Crane chicks in captivity, teach them to migrate, release them into the wild, and how we learn more about them once they are out on their own! 

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Upcoming field trips - see Calendar link for details and registration info
Due to COVID-19, QCBC is holding field trips with limited registration and social distancing, as per CDC guidelines.

  • Sunday, May 21 - Doodletown and Sterling Forest. Note change of date due to weather
  • Cancelled - Cunningham Park
  • Saturday, May 27 - Bashakill and Shawangunk
  • Saturday, June 3 - Ward Pound Ridge
  • Saturday, June 17 - Nickerson Beach and Oceanside Marine Nature Center
  • Saturday, July 15 - Plumb Beach

Past meeting recordings: allow time to download.
  • To view a recording of QCBC's Feb. 18, 2021 presentation of "Snowy Owls: the Ultimate Nomads" by Jean-Francois Therrien of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, use this link: here .
  • To view a recording of QCBC's Mar. 18, 2021 presentation of "New Discoveries on Songbird Migration" by Prof. Bridget Stutchbury, use this link: here .
  • To view a recording of QCBC's Apr. 2, 20211 presentation of "NYS Breeding Bird Atlas: Update after one year" by Brendan Fogarty, use this link: here .
  • To view a recording of Abigail Martin's May 18, 2021 presentation on "Discover the Pantanal Jaguar", use this link here.
  • To view a recording of Paul Sieswerda's Sept 22, 2021 presentation on Gotham Whales, use this link here .
  • To view a recording of Nathan Pieplow's Oct 20, 2021 presentation on "The Language of Birds", use this link here .
  • To view a recording of Michael Brothers' March 16, 2022 presentation on "Pelagic Birding", use this link here.
  • To view a recording of Ron Magill's May 18, 2022 presentation on Panama's Harpy Eagle Project, use this link here.
  • To view a recording of Bob Dieterich and Peter Lopez's Sept 19, 2022 presentation on "India Birds" use this link here.
  • To view a recording of Dr. Tricia Miller and Michael Lanzone's Feb 15, 2022 presentation on "Golden Eagles" use this link here.


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