Each year since 1933 the Queens County Bird Club has participated in the National Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count.

Begun in 1899, it is the longest-running citizen science project in the world! The purpose is to make
a coordinated effort with consistent restraints so that the data collected has meaning regarding the birds in our area at this time of year. For more information, view this link WIKI

Participation is free, open to non members as well as new birders, and a lot of fun culminating in a compilation dinner.

The event is set up to census a "count circle" that is 15 miles in diameter. This area is divided up into sectors, each with a sector leader. If you would like to participate, contact the CBC coordinator so that you can be assigned as needed. Our CBC Compiler is
Corey Finger. To participate, email him at .

Those who want to participate by monitoring their home feeders the day of the count may do so, but first

  • Contact and coordinate with the the compiler in advance
  • Make sure your feeder is within the count circle.

Some advice for the uninitiated. Depending on your sector, you may be spending quite a bit of time outdoors as well as quite a bit of walking. This means dealing with the weather that is typical for the end of December. Be prepared! Dress properly, and bring snacks and drinks as necessary.

Two PDF's that may be useful
  • CBC Rare Bird Documentation Form PDF or DOC
  • QCBC's Printable Checklist for birds expected to be in Queens in December. Print double-sided, flip on the short edge. Use scaling of 100%.

New for 2020: If you have been wondering how to summarize checklists, now that eBird has eliminated the "Summarize my checklists" function, please see some suggestions by clicking HERE. This may be useful on CBC day.

Viewing Christmas Bird Count Results

The official reports from each count circle are on the National Audubon Society's website here
Note that the name of our count circle is

QCBC also keeps unofficial results in a spreadsheet that shows each sector's results. You may find these in the Downloads section of our website - CBC Results, along with comments summarizing the count.

CBC Circles.PNG